Country Miniatures at the Warwick Art Gallery

I am not particularly gifted when it comes to artistic pursuits. I enjoy a variety of craft activities like card making, scrapbooking and needlework but I cannot draw to save my life. If I recall correctly, I think my high school art teacher said my artistic ability was limited. However I do admire those who can draw, paint and sculpt and I have a few art pieces which are meaningful to me because they were gifts from the artists. So whenever we are travelling or even just out for a day, I try to visit the local art galleries. 

I particularly like regional art galleries because they support the work of local artists. The Warwick Art Gallery was established in 1989 and provides a range of services including exhibiting local works and running workshops. They are also heavily involved in Warwick’s major annual event, the Jumpers & Jazz Festival, managing the Tree Jumper exhibition. If you want to know what a Tree Jumper is then you will just have to visit Warwick in July.

During December the gallery was holding a Country Miniatures exhibition. Local artists had been challenged to create a miniature artwork with a perimeter measurement of no larger than 60cm and these were displayed in the Orange Wall Gallery, which is named, quite obviously, for its bright orange walls. The effect was quite striking. The artists used a range of mediums, including sketching, watercolour, acrylic and collage. I must admit I have a penchant for the collage work. I love the combination of colour, texture and a variety of mediums.

I have cropped the images quite close so that you can see the detail. The little fairies were cute and the colours of the round plates were quite striking. I also thought the delicate use of metallic gilding was quite eye catching. My favourite though was the pink collage. It almost seemed like something I could do! No drawing skill required!

The Country Miniatures was the only exhibition on display when we were there as they were preparing the main gallery for another exhibition. Local art galleries are always worth a visit as they are usually free and it is inspiring to see the artistic talent available in our regional areas.

For further information about upcoming exhibitions at the Warwick Art Gallery you can check out their website here.

3 thoughts on “Country Miniatures at the Warwick Art Gallery

  1. I missed this one but it sounds like a nice day out. I am really hoping Jumpers and jazz is on this year, so looking forward to the return of cool weather and that festival really makes the best of Warwick’s chilly time of year.

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