Disability is a Blessing Too

The Australian Federal Election campaign is now in full swing and "Scotty from Ableism" has lit up the internet because he is “blessed” to not have “children with disabilities.” Understandably parents with children who have disabilities and the rest of the disability community are shocked and outraged. What does that make us? The Cursed Ones?? … Continue reading Disability is a Blessing Too

World Down Syndrome Day

Do you know anyone with Down syndrome? We do. One of my closest friends has a daughter with Down syndrome. Jess is now 23 and she lives here in Toowoomba in her own unit with the support that she needs. We have known Jess for just over 20 years now. She likes to dress up … Continue reading World Down Syndrome Day

Carers Week 2021 – Millions of Reasons to Care

“Carers are an essential part of our health system. They are the foundation of our aged, disability, palliative, and community care systems.” Every year 2.65 million Australian carers perform 2.2 billion hours of unpaid care. There are many reasons why a person may become a carer - disability, mental illness, chronic conditions, terminal illness and … Continue reading Carers Week 2021 – Millions of Reasons to Care

Australian Women’s History – Memoirs of Tilly Aston

Although we have not seen a million things we understand quite well, we have seen something else with which we can compare new impressions; something which makes it possible for us to SEE, perhaps more vividly than many unseeing sighted people, the gifts of beauty or grandeur strewn around us. Tilly Aston If you are … Continue reading Australian Women’s History – Memoirs of Tilly Aston