Growing African Violets

In our increasingly digital world, we often find ourselves spending long periods of time indoors trapped in front of a screen. Much as we might prefer to be wandering through the bush or splashing in the ocean, duty calls us to spend long hours gazing at a screen and tapping away on a keyboard. It … Continue reading Growing African Violets

Home Grown Veggies

The Covid 19 Pandemic has thrown us a number of challenges this year: working and learning online, managing our social distance and learning new ways of doing things. Unfortunately it also gave birth to some degree of fear and anxiety which was demonstrated in the panic buying and hoarding of basic pantry items and especially, … Continue reading Home Grown Veggies

Book Review: Where the Trees Were by Inga Simpson

  Last year as part of my studies, I completed a creative writing unit called Writing About Place. We conducted roving workshops in the natural and urban environment, explored personal essays and short stories about the importance of place and were required to select two texts to review, as well as write our own fiction … Continue reading Book Review: Where the Trees Were by Inga Simpson