Dan Goes to the Dentist

Do you like going to the dentist? If we’re honest, many of us will say no, but we go anyway because we know it is important for our oral health. Having instruments poked in your mouth and a bright light in your eyes is not very comfortable, but we know that prevention is better than … Continue reading Dan Goes to the Dentist

Understanding the NDIS Plan

For many Australians living with a disability the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has become such a regular part of life that it can be difficult to remember how life was before. For our son Dan, who has autism and an intellectual impairment, the NDIS is the way in which he receives the supports that … Continue reading Understanding the NDIS Plan

Breaking the Communication Barrier

Communication difficulties and autism go hand in hand. It might be misunderstanding facial and body cues, taking things too literally or just physically getting the words out. Dan’s communication difficulties were the first indication that something was different. It was a very frustrating time for all of us. There was a lot of pointing, leading … Continue reading Breaking the Communication Barrier