Learning to Read Lento

How do you read? Do you skim the print quickly, scanning from left to right, top to bottom? Or do you read slowly, taking notice of every word, every phrase, every sentence, letting the language roll over you like waves at the beach. In our digital age we have learned to read quickly: scanning and … Continue reading Learning to Read Lento

Our New Normal

Only a few months ago we were wondering what the new year would bring. At the time Australia was in the middle of an apocalyptic fire season. This was followed by floods. Now we are in the grip of the Corona Virus pandemic that is sweeping across the world, taking lives and dramatically changing the … Continue reading Our New Normal

Breaking the Communication Barrier

Communication difficulties and autism go hand in hand. It might be misunderstanding facial and body cues, taking things too literally or just physically getting the words out. Dan’s communication difficulties were the first indication that something was different. It was a very frustrating time for all of us. There was a lot of pointing, leading … Continue reading Breaking the Communication Barrier