#BookSnapSunday – Time Without Clocks

Time is a commodity that cannot be weighed out and measured by clocks. Joan Lindsay (1896-1984) is most known for her novel, Picnic at Hanging Rock, first published in 1967, but Time Without Clocks is a reminiscence of the early years of her marriage to Australian painter, Daryl Lindsay (1889-1976), that was published a few … Continue reading #BookSnapSunday – Time Without Clocks

#Book Bingo – Politics and Power

This year I have been joining in with Book Bingo hosted by Theresa, Amanda and Ashleigh, and in this round I am completing the Politics and Power square with Castle Rackrent by Maria Edgeworth. At first glance Castle Rackrent appears to be a simple tale of the last generations of the Rackrent family narrated by … Continue reading #Book Bingo – Politics and Power