Glengallan Homestead

In December Bec and I took a drive down to Warwick chasing sunflowers, but we made time to call in to Glengallan Homestead. The homestead has an interesting history as well as demonstrating a unique approach to restoration. Originally built by pastoralist John Deuchar in 1867, it boasted marble mantlepieces, crystal chandeliers and a curving … Continue reading Glengallan Homestead

Country Miniatures at the Warwick Art Gallery

I am not particularly gifted when it comes to artistic pursuits. I enjoy a variety of craft activities like card making, scrapbooking and needlework but I cannot draw to save my life. If I recall correctly, I think my high school art teacher said my artistic ability was limited. However I do admire those who … Continue reading Country Miniatures at the Warwick Art Gallery