Disability is a Blessing Too

The Australian Federal Election campaign is now in full swing and "Scotty from Ableism" has lit up the internet because he is “blessed” to not have “children with disabilities.” Understandably parents with children who have disabilities and the rest of the disability community are shocked and outraged. What does that make us? The Cursed Ones?? … Continue reading Disability is a Blessing Too

The Next-Door Neighbour

Living in the wide open spaces One of the things we love about our place is the open space and the semi-rural atmosphere. Across the road are some stables and our house is set back far enough on our one acre block that the dust from the gravel road doesn’t bother us too much. We … Continue reading The Next-Door Neighbour

Ease the Pain

In September last year I wrote a post about Migraine Awareness Week. My daughter Bec experiences migraine attacks on a regular basis. Fortunately, with a combination of lifestyle changes and over the counter pain medication she has been able to more or less manage the attacks. However, for many other people with migraine it can … Continue reading Ease the Pain

Climate Change: Australian Frustration at Government Inaction

Image courtesy of Rod Long - Unsplash “These crises present us with the need to take radical decisions that are not always easy. At the same time, moments of difficulty like these also present opportunities that we must not waste.”Pope Francis COP26 has come and gone and it has not been the best of times … Continue reading Climate Change: Australian Frustration at Government Inaction