Caring for Our Elders

I don’t know where the last two months have gone. October and most of November have just flown by taking all my good blogging intentions with them. 2022 is feeling a little like 2020. Remember 2020? The first Covid year. At the end of 2020 we were so glad to get to the end of … Continue reading Caring for Our Elders

NAIDOC Week 2021 – Heal Country

Over the last few weeks Dan and I have been spending the weekends doing puzzles. It is that time of year when it is wet and cold outside, and now that Dan is transitioning into independent living, puzzles have become a great weekend family activity that we can do indoors. Where it is warm. Dan … Continue reading NAIDOC Week 2021 – Heal Country

Giving Way to Emergency Services

You see some interesting things walking around the city streets. Discarded shopping trolleys. Motorists running red lights. Pedestrians pummelling the button to make the pedestrian light change sooner. (It doesn’t work!) But occasionally you see something that really makes your blood boil. I was waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green (and NOT pummelling … Continue reading Giving Way to Emergency Services