#Gaia Reading Challenge 2020 – Unlikely Friendships

  The current Corona Virus pandemic has dominated the headlines recently, as it should, so the spotlight on climate change and the environment has dimmed somewhat. The rush for a vaccine or at least, viable treatment options, highlights the importance of scientific research in understanding the relationships that exist between our natural environment and us. … Continue reading #Gaia Reading Challenge 2020 – Unlikely Friendships

#Book Bingo -Friendship, Family and Love

This year I am continuing to participate in Book Bingo hosted by Theresa, Ashleigh and Amanda. For the month of April I am checking off the Friendship, Family and Love box with When We Were Vikings by Andrew David MacDonald. Published just this year, the book stars a loyal and brave heroine, Zelda, who loves Vikings … Continue reading #Book Bingo -Friendship, Family and Love