#BookSnapSunday – Philippa Gregory


The Philippa Gregory Shelf

I haven’t quite got back into the rhythm of reading yet. Current events are proving to be very distracting and worrying, but pictured here is my Philippa Gregory shelf. As a history student, of course I love Philippa Gregory. She brings to life the various kings, queens and consorts of the royal court of England. You can tell Philippa Gregory is a historian. Her attention to detail and knowledge of that period in history is astounding.

I particularly enjoy, and have often been amazed, at the way she can tell the same story from opposing points of view. In one book I will be totally on the side of the heroine, and then I think, hang on a minute, she was the villain in the other book! This just goes to show that heroes and villains can be a matter of perspective. It just depends on which side of history you sit.

Gregory is very good at showing the reality of that time for women. Even being born into wealth and privilege didn’t guarantee women much choice in life. Girls were born to be wed, bed and breed – and all for the political and financial benefit of the family. If a husband met with a bad end, no worries, the family will marry you off to another. And heaven forbid if you didn’t produce a son. Just remember what happened to Anne Boleyn.

The machinations and power plays behind the scenes in the royal court shows just how dangerous a place it could be, despite all the opulence and finery. Of course the decadence and magnificence was just a facade and families could bankrupt themselves trying to keep up with appearances.

I don’t really have a favourite one. I’ve read and enjoyed them all. You don’t need to read them in any particular order, but a family tree would be helpful. It can get a bit tricky trying to remember who’s who and where they fit in the royal saga.

#Book Snap Sunday is hosted by Sharon from Gums Trees and Galaxies. Feel free to take a book snap and join in.

Happy Reading!

5 thoughts on “#BookSnapSunday – Philippa Gregory

    • Thanks! I have a couple of Hilary Mantel’s books on my shelf, but am yet to read them. I have heard others say they are a quite heavy, so it will be interesting to see what I think when I finally get around to reading one.

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