#BookSnapSunday – The Portrait of a Lady

I was deliberating about whether to post a book snap today. Our hearts and minds have been so consumed and overwhelmed by what is happening in our nation. Watching our country burn, towns wiped off the map, swathes of bush land burned, the devastating loss of flora and fauna, and the heartbreaking loss of homes … Continue reading #BookSnapSunday – The Portrait of a Lady

The Silence of 2020

This morning I woke to 2020 and noticed the silence. Nothing too unusual about that. We live on the outskirts of Toowoomba where there is open space across the road and no neighbours right on our fences. Last night was New Years Eve so the revellers are probably still asleep. But then I remembered the … Continue reading The Silence of 2020

Giving Way to Emergency Services

You see some interesting things walking around the city streets. Discarded shopping trolleys. Motorists running red lights. Pedestrians pummelling the button to make the pedestrian light change sooner. (It doesn’t work!) But occasionally you see something that really makes your blood boil. I was waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green (and NOT pummelling … Continue reading Giving Way to Emergency Services

National Bookshop Day 2019

Across Australia today, readers and book lovers are celebrating the wonderful contribution that the local bookshop makes to communities big and small. It is a magical experience to enter a store specifically designed for the promotion and selling of books. Meandering slowly past rows and rows of shelves stacked with books, their colourful spines facing outward, … Continue reading National Bookshop Day 2019