National Carers Week – Why Do We Care?

National Carers Week has been celebrated in Australia since 1992. It aims to recognise and celebrate the significant contribution that unpaid carers make to the Australian community. This year the theme focuses on the stories of carers asking them the question -  Why Do You Care? 1 in every 8 Australians is caring for a … Continue reading National Carers Week – Why Do We Care?

World Smile Day 2020

Yesterday, October 2nd, was World Smile Day. I hadn’t ever come across World Smile Day until I was doing a bit of research into International Days. There are so many International Days that there is just about one for every day of the year, but this one, World Smile Day, is certainly worth celebrating. Especially … Continue reading World Smile Day 2020

Giving Way to Emergency Services

You see some interesting things walking around the city streets. Discarded shopping trolleys. Motorists running red lights. Pedestrians pummelling the button to make the pedestrian light change sooner. (It doesn’t work!) But occasionally you see something that really makes your blood boil. I was waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green (and NOT pummelling … Continue reading Giving Way to Emergency Services