#BookSnapSunday – Silent Spring

The last few months have been a time of unimaginable change. Who could have imagined that vast numbers of people would be working, learning and socialising from home. Who could have imagined that in the twenty-first century a virus could cause such widespread social and economic pain. Who could have imagined we would be drawing … Continue reading #BookSnapSunday – Silent Spring

Our New Normal

Only a few months ago we were wondering what the new year would bring. At the time Australia was in the middle of an apocalyptic fire season. This was followed by floods. Now we are in the grip of the Corona Virus pandemic that is sweeping across the world, taking lives and dramatically changing the … Continue reading Our New Normal

Giving Way to Emergency Services

You see some interesting things walking around the city streets. Discarded shopping trolleys. Motorists running red lights. Pedestrians pummelling the button to make the pedestrian light change sooner. (It doesn’t work!) But occasionally you see something that really makes your blood boil. I was waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green (and NOT pummelling … Continue reading Giving Way to Emergency Services

National Bookshop Day 2019

Across Australia today, readers and book lovers are celebrating the wonderful contribution that the local bookshop makes to communities big and small. It is a magical experience to enter a store specifically designed for the promotion and selling of books. Meandering slowly past rows and rows of shelves stacked with books, their colourful spines facing outward, … Continue reading National Bookshop Day 2019