#BookSnapSunday/Gaia 2020 – The Man from Snowy River

There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around That the colt from old Regret had got away... Jim Craig is eighteen years old, and cannot return to his mountain home until he has proved himself a man. Jessica Harrison is the beautiful, impetuous daughter of the wealthy cattleman whose £1000 colt … Continue reading #BookSnapSunday/Gaia 2020 – The Man from Snowy River

A Bird in a Tree

This week we have experienced the extremes of Toowoomba weather. Monday was bitterly cold. We had the fire going all day. Today fluffy white clouds slowly drift across a beautiful blue sky. The sun is shining and we can go outside without a coat.  For further proof that Spring is finally on its way, there … Continue reading A Bird in a Tree

#Gaia Reading Challenge 2020 – Unlikely Friendships

  The current Corona Virus pandemic has dominated the headlines recently, as it should, so the spotlight on climate change and the environment has dimmed somewhat. The rush for a vaccine or at least, viable treatment options, highlights the importance of scientific research in understanding the relationships that exist between our natural environment and us. … Continue reading #Gaia Reading Challenge 2020 – Unlikely Friendships

#BookSnapSunday & Gaia 2020 – The Birdman’s Wife

Melissa Ashley’s book The Birdman’s Wife has been on my mind for quite a while as a candidate for both Book Snap Sunday and the Gaia Reading challenge. The novel is a fictionalised account of the life of Elizabeth Gould, the wife of taxidermist and naturalist John Gould. While John garnered most of the attention … Continue reading #BookSnapSunday & Gaia 2020 – The Birdman’s Wife

Gaia Reading Challenge 2020 – Watership Down

Sharon from Gum Trees and Galaxies is hosting a reading challenge this year that is most appropriate for these times. The Gaia Reading Challenge draws our attention to books, both fiction and non-fiction, that focus on an environmental theme. The environment is high on the agenda these days, as it should be. From the catastrophic … Continue reading Gaia Reading Challenge 2020 – Watership Down