Travel Photo Challenge Review

Now that the Travel Photo Challenge is finished I thought it would be good to review the photos, identify the place and time, and give a quick summary of the trip. Are you familiar with any of these places?

Day 1 – Wedge Island, Western Australia 

This photo was taken in December 2004 at Wedge Island, north of Perth, Western Australia. It was our second Christmas without Rob and we had flown to Perth to have Christmas with my brother. A few days before Christmas we went for a trip to this beach where there were some great sand dunes and Dan and Bec had great fun sand boarding down the dunes and being towed back up to the top by Uncle Dave. 

Day 2 – Coonabarabran, New South Wales

This was the view from the Siding Spring Observatory near Coonabarabran, New South Wales in December 2009. Dan and Bec were treated to a plane trip with Grandma from Brisbane to Adelaide, while Paul and I took the long way by road. We also stopped at Cobar to spend some time with Paul’s brother and his family. Cobar is on the eastern edge of the outback, around 700km from Sydney. 

Day 3 – Mt Lofty, South Australia

In December 2015 we were spending Christmas with my parents in Adelaide. We took a drive through the Adelaide Hills and stopped at Mt Lofty to admire the view. There used to be a kiosk but it was destroyed in the 1983 Ash Wednesday bushfires. I believe they may have erected a new one by now. 

Day 4 and Day 7 – Victor Harbor, South Australia

I am putting these two photos together because they are both taken at Victor Harbor but at different times – December 2015 and July 2019. Every time we go to Adelaide I like to visit Victor Harbor. Not only is it very scenic, but it is a place of significance for my family. The penguin sign is located on Granite Island, which used to be home to colonies of fairy penguins. Granite Island is connected to Victor Harbor by a causeway and visitors can either walk across or take the Horse Drawn Tram. You can read more about one of our trips to Victor Harbor in a post written in August 2019. 

Day 5 – Giraween National Park, Queensland

This photo was taken along the Bald Rock circuit in Giraween National Park, Queensland. In September 2010 we hired a camper trailer and camped at Storm King Dam at Stanthorpe. It was our first trip to the Granite Belt and I fell in love with the wines. It has been a favourite place ever since. After this trip we bought out own camper trailer so that we could continue camping trips with Dan and Bec.

Day 6 – Big Red, Queensland

In July 2018, Paul, Dan and I went out to the Big Red Bash, a music festival held at the base of Big Red, a huge sand dune near Birdsville, QLD. This was the view from the top of Big Red. Every day many of the campers trekked up to the top of Big Red, not just for the view, but because it was the only place with phone service! You can read more about our trip to Big Red here

Day 8 – Eba, South Australia

In July 2019 Paul and I went to Adelaide for a family funeral. On our way home we called in at the Eba Railway Siding. As you can probably guess, the locals have a great sense of humour but these commuters will be waiting a very long time for the train. 

Day 9 – Brisbane City Botanical Gardens, Queensland

In January 2020, before Covid and lock down had hit Australia, Bec and I were in Brisbane for a day and we visited the Brisbane City Botanical gardens. It was our first visit and unfortunately we didn’t have much time but I really loved the vibrant colour of this flower.

Day 10 – Sunflowers at Warwick, Queensland

Just before Christmas, Bec and I took a drive down to Warwick, about 70km from Toowoomba, to check out the Sunflower Trail. Bec was keen to take some sunflower photographs and we weren’t the only ones. We also visited Glengallan House and the Warwick Art Gallery. Keep your eyes open for a post coming soon.

Happy Travelling! 

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