#BookBingo – About the Environment

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I have just finished reading Silent Spring by Rachel Carson which fits perfectly with the Environment theme on the Book Bingo card. First published in 1962, it is still just as timely as it was then. Carson exposed the devastating effect that the wide scale use of chemicals such as DDT was having on the environment. Scientific research is balanced with heart-breaking stories of long term illness and loss of life, both animal and human.

While our knowledge and practice has come a long way since then, the long term impact of insecticides and pesticides is carried through the generations. Damage that is irreversible. Silent Spring emphasises the interconnectedness of our relationship with nature and how just one change can upset the balance of life. It is often cited as the catalyst for the Environmental Movement and I can believe that, for it tells a story of reckless behaviour and denial on the behalf of authorities.

Sadly Carson died only two years after the publication of Silent Spring and despite the devastation that she uncovered, she was still hopeful that it was not too late, that we could turn things around by investing in biological methods that were both effective and also maintained the fragile balance of life.

Silent Spring also encourages us to think about the chemicals we use in our homes and gardens, to read the fine print and perhaps consider other more natural methods which are just as effective. Or maybe just to live and let live.









2 thoughts on “#BookBingo – About the Environment

  1. It is such an important message even today especially when you think about things like the decline in pollinators like bees who have also been recently affected by the use of insecticides. You would think we would learn, but humanity does have an unfortunate habit or repeating the mistakes of the past, thankfully Rachael Carson has set an example now followed by others who watch and love the natural world.

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    • I totally agree. We have short memories and need constant reminders. I’m thinking about writing a bit longer review for the Gaia challenge. There was so much in her book to unpack, but I have a couple of essays to get out of the way first.

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