#BookSnapSunday – An American Marriage


I have been joining in with Sharon from Gum Trees and Galaxies posting a book snap on a Sunday afternoon. After missing a few weeks it is nice to be back with an excellent book by Tayari Jones, although photographing an ebook did provide an interesting challenge. I was introduced to Tayari Jones when I watched her session about her book, An American Marriage, at the Sydney Writers Festival last year via Live and Local at the Toowoomba Empire Theatre.  An American Marriage explores the relationship between Roy and Celestial, whose marriage comes under intense pressure when Roy is wrongfully convicted for a crime he never committed. Although Roy is eventually released, everything from his former life is lost, except for Celestial. On the outside, though, life and people have moved on. There is no going back to his old life. The book highlights the prejudice and injustice of a criminal justice system which disproportionately affects people of colour, but it also raises questions about the true nature of love and marriage. Highly recommended.

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