#BookSnapSunday – Home


Home by Larissa Behrendt is about the loss of identity, connection and belonging experienced by the stolen generation and their descendants. We all want somewhere to belong, somewhere where we can put down roots, somewhere to feel connected, somewhere to call home. For the stolen generation, their identity, connection and belonging is bound to land, family and culture. It is also about memory – knowing where you belong,  your history,  your culture and your home.

This photo of Home by Larissa Behrendt is taken out at our new house. After four years of renting in Toowoomba in three different houses, we will finally have a place to put roots down, a place to call home and a place in which we are not the only ones coming home. The book is sitting on what looks like a very ordinary bookshelf. I have a number of bookshelves, but this one is special. It was made by Rob, my first husband, who died suddenly when Dan and Bec were young. So it is special to us. It is more than just a bookshelf – it is about memory. For the last four years it has remained out west. It is big and heavy. Too big and heavy to move from place to place while renting. But now finally we are reconciled. It has come home. 

Like many people, we have moved around from place to place, from home to home and while we may not experience the same kind of connection with land as our Indigenous Australians, we still have the need to call somewhere home and to know where we belong.

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2 thoughts on “#BookSnapSunday – Home

  1. It is amazing how an object can mean so much. What a great choice and home can be so important.
    Larrisa Behrendt is an amazing author, if you are interested the USQ library has her book on the Eliza Fraser story, Finding Eliza, it explores the story from the perspective of the Butchulla people and the myth making that surrounded the Eliza Fraser story, you might already have stumbled across it but just in case thought I would mention it.
    Enjoy the new place, an exciting time.

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    • Thanks Sharon, I picked up a copy of her novel Legacy from the Lifeline sale (to be read) but I didn’t know about Finding Eliza. Historical myths can be quite interesting when you see it from a different perspective. I am looking forward to enjoying the new place, once we’ve got over all the hard work of shifting everything. A clean out is definitely in store.


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