#BookSnapSunday -The Man Who Was Thursday


The title of today’s #Book Snap is The Man Who Was Thursday by G K Chesterton (1874-1936). My edition contains two of Chesterton’s novels: The Napoleon of Notting Hill and The Man Who Was Thursday. I read the first of the stories almost three years ago and then never got around to reading the second. However, I am trying to make it a project to finish off some of the half-read books I have laying around.

The Man Who Was Thursday was first published in 1908 and is regarded as Chesterton’s most well known novel. Described as a “spellbinding story of paradox”, the story features characters named with the days of the week and starts with Thursday, “an undercover poet-turned-policeman” who infiltrates an organisation of anarchists. However, he discovers that the rest of the members are not who they seem and neither is Sunday, the head of the so-called anarchists. A  humorous and at times, thrilling read.

Feel free to join in and get creative with Sharon at Gum Trees and Galaxies, reading, snapping and posting on a Sunday afternoon.

Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “#BookSnapSunday -The Man Who Was Thursday

    • Yes, I have a few half-read books with bookmarks stuck in them which I abandoned or just forgot for reasons I don’t even remember. I either need to finish them or abandon them completely. The thing is, I often need to reread the part I have already read to remember what happened or why I may have stopped in the first place. At least if I finish them I will be able to recover the bookmark!


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